What our clients say…

"Picket Fence Realty listened to our needs and ACTUALLY heard us."

"Picket Fence Realty's marketing is ingenious."

"​I'd have no other sign in my yard."

"Picket Fence Realty sets the bar so high - they are second to none in our eyes."

"You cared for my feelings and helped walked with me throughout the sale of my home, when I was feeling my most fragile. Thank you."

Cathy Levatino-Dewitt

Cathy Levatino-Dewitt
Cathy Levatino-Dewitt began her career with Picket Fence Realty on a very infamous day in history, it was life changing, thought provoking and redefined lives as we see them today - not only for Picket Fence Realty, but the lives of our entire country; September 11, 2001. As we watched from our temporary home, before we even opened our doors, the silence was deafening and our hearts heavy. It became the start of a remarkable journey, not only for her Real Estate career, but Picket Fence Realty as well, one that she’s very proud to be a part of. Real Estate has always been her passion, she started out in Property Management over 25 years ago and her career has just blossomed from there. Her knowledge and experience in construction, maintenance and decorating from her property management years has been very helpful in selling and buying Real Estate. Her scope is beyond just selling or showing a home, she brings valuable insight into the actual structure of a home, it’s functions and maintenance. She feels this makes the home selling or buying process for her clients more informative and helpful, with a better understanding of what they are about to take on. Plus, she feels this job is very fulfilling, everybody should go to their job everyday and be happy and ready to take on the next set of friends. That’s what she feels all her clients have become, part of her life forever. She loves helping people find their dreams in the place they are calling home and making memories to last a lifetime. She also thanks her 2 incredible sons for making her a better Mom, which makes juggling a Real estate career and home, even more rewarding. So through the thick and thin of the years since 2001, her community involvements, a market crash, a fire, and the many other events that has brought her here, she has become a better Realtor and person for