What our clients say…

"Picket Fence Realty listened to our needs and ACTUALLY heard us."

"Picket Fence Realty's marketing is ingenious."

"​I'd have no other sign in my yard."

"Picket Fence Realty sets the bar so high - they are second to none in our eyes."

"You cared for my feelings and helped walked with me throughout the sale of my home, when I was feeling my most fragile. Thank you."

Robyn Revelle

Robyn Revelle
Robin Revelle
Robyn was born and raised in Mount Prospect. She has a young family, husband Jon and son Myles, and a home in the District 57 area. Robyn is very involved in park district classes and library activities, with this involvement she is able to highlight the family aspects of the community. She can readily relate to the needs of families that want to move into our community.I work diligently to help my clients get the most satisfying results when they find it time to move. I take the time to get to know the families I work with and strive to get them all that they deserve in a new home.