What our clients say…

"Picket Fence Realty listened to our needs and ACTUALLY heard us."

"Picket Fence Realty's marketing is ingenious."

"​I'd have no other sign in my yard."

"Picket Fence Realty sets the bar so high - they are second to none in our eyes."

"You cared for my feelings and helped walked with me throughout the sale of my home, when I was feeling my most fragile. Thank you."

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Arlington Heights phone: 847-454-7000

  • Sue Duchek

  • Paul Duchek

  • Megan Specht

  • Sue Lyon

  • John Duchek

  • Charlie

  • Mary Piemonte

  • Carolyn Demovsky

  • Vivian Menzes

Mount Prospect phone: 847-259-8600

  • Tom Zander - Picket Fence Realty
    Tom Zander
  • Mary Zander - Picket Fence Realty
    Mary Zander

  • Julia Nicoll

  • Bill Gonzalez
  • Keith Ambler - Picket Fence Realty
    Keith Ambler
  • Vickey Ambler - Picket Fence Realty
    Vickey Ambler
  • Sean Wheeler - Picket Fence Realty
    Sean Wheeler

  • Cathy Levatino
  • Tom Michelotti - Picket Fence Realty
    Tom Michelotti
  • Robin Revelle - Picket Fence Realty
    Robin Revelle
  • Eion Burke - Picket Fence Realty
    Michael Mercado
  • Becky Schuyler - Picket Fence Realty
    Becky Schuyler